Survival of the Able Glossary

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I recently added a glossary to the Survival of the Able manuscript. This wasn’t included in the first draft, but I feel it adds a lot to the overall readability of a book so I decided to include it even for the ashcan.

This glossary offers a broad overview of what you can expect to find in terms of game mechanics, so it makes a great overview. It is posted here so you can take a quick peak for yourself.

One thing to note: This game shares a lot of terms with Fudge and Fate Core, but it doesn’t use those systems directly. You may be familiar with Fate Points, for example, but they dont’ work identically to the same mechanic in Fate Core. They’re similar enough that I thought using the same name would help people tie the concepts together … Continue reading

Survival of the Able First Draft Complete

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I first started thinking about Survival of the Able about four years ago. Since then, progress on the project has been slow going thanks to some major life events, but I finally set a goal to have a preview out by GenCon so I have been focused lately on delivering that.

Now I am proud to say that the first draft of the game’s manuscript is complete. From here, I’ll read through it a couple times and make sure there isn’t anything else that must be included in the GenCon preview, then it’ll be on to layout so I can prep an ashcan edition.

What’s an ashcan, you ask?

An ashcan is a beta copy of sorts. A simple book without all the artistry and pagentry of a complete release. The ashcan will be distributed in hopes of building some recognition and gaining some feedback before I finalize the book.

You … Continue reading

Having a Learning Disability and Teaching Games

Learning Disabled and Teaching Tabletop Games is a great article written by James Cole and featured on The Geeky Gimp. IN the article, James talks about his gift of being a great board game teacher and how his experience with having a learning disability has shaped that skill.

I particularly like how James talks about different types of learners, including visual, aural, and kinesthetic learners. Like James, I have taken a few courses on adult learning theory and picked up a lot of useful information about how to work with people who have various learning styles and needs.

James also adds some great points about knowing your audience, teaching to their level, and picking the right game for the right group.

Whether or not you have a disability, there’s a lot of great information in this article about how to teach tabletop games to new players. I recommend … Continue reading

Interviewed by Plus or Minus Podcast

Recently I was honored to be interviewed by Troy Truchon of the Plus or  Minus Podcast, the world’s first Fudge RPG-specific podcast. We talked about accessibility in the tabletop games industry, Psi-punk, Monster Kart Mayhem, and Fudge in general.

You can listen to the podcast via the embeded player below, but I would encourage you to visit Plus or Minus and check out their back catalog as well. This podcast receives the distinction of being the one and only podcast I have ever followed for more than five episodes in a stretch.

Visit the Plus or Minus website.

Listen to the interview

Psi-punk On Sale for 2 Cups of Nano-beverage

DriveThruRPG is having their annual GM’s Day Sale. Our participating PDFs are on sale for 40% off, and with the temporarily reduced base price of Psi-punk that means you can now get this game for just about the cost of two nano-beverages (or $8.39 USD in today’s currency).

Get Psi-punk for one of the lowest prices it’s ever been, for a limited time only.

While you’re at it, check out our other titles and see what other goodies you can find.

Survival of the Able Update 2

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Has it really been three years since the first (and only) Survival of the Able update?

A lot has happened in my personal life since then and progress on the game’s development slowed, but it hasn’t halted. In fact, the current draft of the manuscript has about 30,000 words and is nearing completion.

I plan on bringing a demo version of SotA to GenCon Indie this year, so I recently whipped up a spreadsheet to help me track my milestones and stay on top of how much time I have left to get everything completed. By my estimates, I have about two months to finish the manuscript so I can have something to share by August.

By setting a goal for myself, I finally took SotA off the backburner and brought it back into focus. For the next few months, it is going to be the focus of … Continue reading

Our Friends are Having a Sale

Our friends at Broken Ruler Games are running their ‘Crappiest Sale Ever” in honor of Thomas Crapper Day. Starting Sunday, January 27th and continuing through February 3rd, all their products will be on sale at DriveThruRPG and other OneBookShelf sites.

Read the announcement here.

Why does this matter to you, our readers?

BRG has demonstrated a sincere commitment to accessibility with their games. They reached out to me personally to ask for feedback on the character sheet for ScreenPlay. Then they went about ten steps further and implemented every suggestion from Accessible Guide to RPG Layout when they produced High Plains Samurai.

I haven’t formally reviewed HPS yet, but I am telling you right now it is the most accessible PDF of any RPG I have read to date. Yes, even moreso than Shaintar, for which I wrote this accessibility teardown.

See my previous coverage of some BRG games:

Continue reading

Dragon Plus Article Obscures D&D Accessibility Issues

It has been almost seven months since I last wrote for the blog. A lot has happened since then, including a cross-country move from Oregon to Kentucky. That doesn’t mean my website, my design, or my ideas are dead–they’ve just been dormant for a while. Now it’s time to start getting things rolling again.

Recently I started talks with a local group about starting up a family-friendly Dungeons and Dragons group. I haven’t played much D&D in a long time, and that is in small part due to its inaccessibility. When the D&D 5e Basic Set came out in PDF several years ago, I ran into considerable barriers trying to access and read it. Couple that with the fact that Wizards of the Coast doesn’t release their core 5e products in PDF, and that led me to be completely disinterested in the game. After all, why should I jump through … Continue reading

Game Masters as Leaders

There has been an idea simmering in my head for a while now, so I decided to write down the basics and share it with you.

Last August, I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Management and Organizational Leadership. Through my degree program, I learned a lot about communication, facilitation, organizational theory, and various leadership styles.

As I read and studied my textbooks, I kept coming back to this theory that being a great Game Master is like being a great leader. There is a lot of overlap between the two titles, and building your skills in one helps build your skills with the other. A lot of my time spent GMing has helped me improve on some of the skills I depend on as a leader, and learning about leadership has taught me to be a better GM.

Around the time I finished my degree, I thought I’d … Continue reading

Puppy Posse Paws its Way to PDF

Puppy Posse CoverWho do you call when…

  • A shipment of sharks spills into a pond in the park?
  • Mayor Gooseberry’s prized goose gets stuck in a tree and can’t get down?
  • Captain Tipper’s ship gets lost in the fog?

You call the Puppy Posse!

The Puppy Posse are a cadre of canine companions who solve problems and save days. Along with their leaderSarj, the sextet of heroic hounds are always ready to lend a paw when things get ruff. Err… when things get rough.

This family-friendly game is designed to teach young children the most basic RPG concepts: rolling dice, interpreting results, and using those results to help tell a shared story. Simple game mechanics are focused precisely for that purpose and won’t confuse youngsters with anything else. (Note: … Continue reading