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About Us

Accessible Games is a small press publisher dedicated to bringing the fun and joy of tabletop role-playing and hobby board games to everyone, including (and especially) people with disabilities.

My name is Jacob Wood and I’ve been  playing tabletop games since I was about 12 years old. It wasn’t long before my friends and I were designing rudimentary RPGs and re-purposing boardgames, but it was over a decade before I professionally published Psi-punk, my first book.

Today I live in Oregon and design games with an eye on accessibility. I’m legally blind and know many of the challenges involved in playing tabletop games with a disability. In addition to designing games, I advocate for improving accessibility throughout the gaming hobby.

I’m a member of the Indie game Developers Network and an active member of the RPGGeek.com community. I believe gaming is a community hobby and am proud to promote groups of designers and players alike.

My goal is to help bring a love for tabletop gaming to all people, and I couldn’t possibly manage that without the support of my amazing wife who gets all of the credit for convincing me to start Accessible Games and publish Psi-punk. She’s also the brainchild of Monster Kart Mayhem and is my muse for practically everything else I produce.


In addition to designing and publishing our games, I do freelance layout and writing for other companies. I’m usually available for work, so please contact me if you’d like to have me involved on any of your projects.




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