Accessible Gaming Quarterly Kickstarter a Success!

Our recent Kickstarter campaign for Accessible Gaming Quarterly, a new zine about accessibility in the RPG industry, was a smash success.

161 backers pledged $4,900 in just 14 days. Our goal was $4,000 to create four issues, so we managed to raise over 120%. That’s even better than the Kickstarter for Psi-punk, which was previously our most successful to date.

I am humbled by the amount of support the gaming community has shown for this project. We’ve all been dying for something like this to come along, and I’m honored to be the one to help deliver it. I’m not the only one working on this zine, though. We have a crew of collaborators who are going to be contributing articles, art, and graphic design to the project.

This is our biggest undertaking to date. We know that four issues is a lot to crank out, so we’re getting started right away.  My goal is to get as many articles written as early as possible so we can be ahead of schedule with our releases. Our first article is due July 2020.

Stay tuned for additional updates about our progress. Also, don’t forget we have Survival of the Able on its way back to Kickstarter in March, so expect a lot to be coming out of Accessible Games this year.

About Jacob Wood

Jacob founded Accessible Games because he wants to spread the joy of gaming to everyone, including people with disabilities. He is visually impaired and knows what it's like to need to adapt, and he brings two decades of gaming experience to the table.
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