Accessibility Tools for Your Characters


It’s now 2021, and while other bloggers are kicking off the year with Top 10 lists and retrospectives, I’ve decided to just dive into delivering new content.

I have started looking ahead toward the Kickstarter launch for Accessible Gaming Quarterly Year 2. Over the next year of the zine, I would like to feature more creative content to help spark your imagination and give you ideas for how to incorporate disabled characters and heroes into your games.

Here’s a sneak preview of what that might look like. This content was originally developed for Super Able, a game we’ve been working on around here for far too long. It uses the Pip System by Third Eye Games.

The following tools appear in this illustration by Austin Vanderwilt, which was featured in AGQ Issue 3.

A wheelchair user aims their  … <a class= Continue reading

Accessible Gaming Quarterly Issue 2 Now Available

It’s October. The weather is getting colder, the daylight hours are getting shorter, and we’re all stuck indoors for various non-seasonal reasons. What better time to curl up with a book that will give you several new perspectives on Game Mastering?

Accessible Gaming Quarterly Issue 2 – Game Masters is now available on DriveThruRPG. It features seven articles written by disabled gamers and their allies, all of which have something different to say about our favorite hobby. In this issue, we have:

  • “Weight of the World” by Austin Vanderwilt
  • “Neurodiversity in Role-playing”by Thomas Carter
  • “Gaming from the Blind Side” by Richard Bennett
  • “GMing at Public Events” by T Dave Silva
  • “GMing on your Own Terms” by Justin Oldham
  • “Predictably Unpredictable” by Damon King
  • “Interview with Tara Clapper” by Jacob Wood and Tara Clapper
  • The digital edition of this zine includes Vision Layers, which allows users to toggle between different … Continue reading

    Accessible Gaming Quarterly Issue 1 Now Available

    Now Available at DriveThruRPG

    Front cover of AGQ Issue 1The inaugural issue of Accessible Gaming Quarterly, the first zine devoted to accessibility and disability within the tabletop RPG space, is now available at DriveThruRPG.

    Written by people with disabilities but intended for everyone, Accessible Gaming Quarterly takes a close look at a wide range of topics related to disability and analog games. Our contributing authors share annecdotes, advise, and art for everyone to experience.

    In this first issue, released to Kickstarter backers in July 2020 and available now for general sale, we explore topics related to gaming with disabilities, playing disabled characters, and attending conventions. Articles include:

    1. “Forward: Accessibility is the New Normal” by Justin Oldham

    2. “Playing Blind” by Jacob Wood

    3. “A Different Vision of RPGs” by … Continue reading