Fudge Bundle of Holding

Anyone who has been following Accessible Games for a while knows how much we love the Fudge RPG. It is by far one of the most accessible games to grace the tabletop industry, with no special adaptations required.

Many of our own games are built using the Fudge System, and two of them are being featured in the Fudge Bundle of Holding. Starting September 7th at 2 p.m. ET and running through September 28th at 11 p.m. ET, you can get Psi-punk and the Survival of the Able Ashcan, along with several other games from fellow Fudge publishers, for one low price. Even better, when you buy these games through this bundle, you’ll also be supporting Direct Relief, a charity that is supporting first responders during the COVID19 crisis.

Games you purchase through the bundle … Continue reading

Psi-punk Available in the IGDN Bundle of Holding

Psi-punk has joined the Bundle of Holding, one of the most well-known RPG-related charity bundles on the Internet. In this bundle you’ll get a slew of great games from other Indie Game Developer Network publishers, including Centurion: Legionaries of RomeEdara: A Steampunk Renaissance, Wu Xing: the Ninja Crusade, and loads more.

When you buy a Bundle of Holding, you get to set your own price. 10% of your purchase goes toward a great charity, and the rest is distributed amongst the publishers of these fine books. You’ll unlock more books if you pay above the starting threshold, so the cost-per-book just keeps getting better and better.

The threshold is set based on the average cost of bundles sold, so the sooner you get in on the deal the less you’ll have to pay for the entire bundle. But even if you’re not interested in … Continue reading