Choose Your Destiny at DriveThruFiction

Choose Your Destiny CoverChoose Your Destiny, a Choose Your Own Adventure-style short story set in the world of Conservation of Ninjutsu is now available at DriveThruFiction.

Originally written for the RPGGeek “Tavern’s Tales”  Short Story contest in 2014, anyone can now enjoy deciding the outcome of the evil emperor’s fate in this short story with several paths and four different endings.

Choose Your Destiny is available as a standalone PDF for $0.99 USD or as a bundle with Conservation of Ninjutsu for $2.49 (save $0.99).

Get the standalone PDF.

Get the Choose Your Ninjutsu bundle.

For more information about Conservation of Ninjutsu and Choose Your Destiny, see our product page.

About Jacob Wood

Jacob founded Accessible Games because he wants to spread the joy of gaming to everyone, including people with disabilities. He is visually impaired and knows what it's like to need to adapt, and he brings two decades of gaming experience to the table.
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