Coming Soon – AGQ Year 2 on Kickstarter

About a year ago, we launched Accessible Gaming Quarterly on Kickstarter as part of their annual Zine Quest promotion. The zine has been a success, and we’ve received a lot of great feedback about it.

Now it’s time for Zine Quest 3, and that means a new year for Accessible Gaming Quarterly. This year we’ll be back to fund another four issues of the zine.

What can you expect in Year 2?

The first year of the zine focused almost entirely on essays, testimonials, and non-fiction related to accessibility and inclusion in RPGs. We’ve been thrilled by all the contributions from amazing authors and illustrators, and several of them have agreed to contribute to Year 2 as well.

For Year 2, we’re going to be adding in a lot more creative content. We’ve talked a lot about the people behind the games, and now we’re going to talk a bit more about the characters within your games. Expect more about how to play disabled characters as heroes, not tropes, and how to deck them out in awesome accessible tech.

See our previous post for some examples of what to expect in Year 2.

Todd Crapper is returning to lend his amazing layout chops to the zine, and he’s going to continue produce Vision Layers-enabled PDFs. In addition, we’ll be expanding into ePub as an alternative digital format.

Year 2 promises to be even better than the first as we take everything we learned the first time around and expand upon it. The Kickstarter is going live in the first week of February.

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