Open Call: Authors and Artists for AGQ Year 2

The Kickstarter campaign for Accessible Gaming Quarterly, Year 2 was a huge success. 166 backers pledged over $5100 to make sure you’re going to get another four issues of the zine. Not only that, you helped raise enough money to convert all issues of the zine to ePub format.

We have already done the conversions for the first four issues. Issue 4 is now available to Year 1 backers and subscribers, and it will be available for general sale after print copies are ready to ship to backers.

With that said, it’s time to start looking ahead to Year 2 content. That’s where you come in.

Accessible Games is seeking new voices to be represented in Year 2 of the zine. We have a lot of returning contributors, who we love, but to keep spreading our reach we are going to need to attract even more writers and illustrators for the zine.

If you think you might be interested in writing an article, illustrating a picture, or otherwise contributing to the zine, please let us know. If you think you know someone else who might like to contribute, let them know too.

Please visit the following page for more details and for a contact form which you can use to pitch your ideas: Contributing to Accessible Gaming Quarterly. You can also use this easy-to-share link to tell your friends:


We hope to hear from you soon.

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