One Page Dungeon by Jacob Wood

I just learned of the One Page Dungeon contest, but thankfully it doesn’t take long to design a dungeon in only one page.

In my entry, entitled Prehistoric Kickboxing Killer Turkeys, players will take on the role of velociraptors on the hunt for food. Will they be able to find and, more importantly, survive the encounter with their next meal?

Why “Prehistoric Kickboxing Killer Turkeys?”

I recently watched a show on the Smithsonian channel with that same title. It was about velociraptors and how they would actually resemble “prehistoric kickboxing killer turkeys” and did not look like the creatures found in the movie Jurassic Park.

You can watch the short clip on YouTube.

Winners of the One Page Dungeon contest will be announced in June. Wish me luck!

Download your own copy for free:

Prehistoric Kickboxing Killer Turkeys
Prehistoric Kickboxing Killer Turkeys
Prehistoric Kickboxing Killer Turkeys.pdf
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About Jacob Wood

Jacob founded Accessible Games because he wants to spread the joy of gaming to everyone, including people with disabilities. He is visually impaired and knows what it's like to need to adapt, and he brings two decades of gaming experience to the table.
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