Virtuacon 2013 Recap


Virtuacon 2013 is over, and it was a huge success. Roughly 375 people participated in RPGGeek’s first online game convention, and every single one of us had an amazing time.

Though we had some organizational hiccups, I consider them normal growing pains for any event this big. It isn’t clear whether or not RPGGeek will decide to do a Virtuacon2014 yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed because this really was the best 3 days in virtual gaming.

Day 1 – Friday, October 18th 2013

Virtuacon kicked off on Friday and hit the ground running. Though I didn’t make it to any of the games that ran, I did get a chance to watch the first speaking panel of the convention: Kickstarters and Publishing with Fred Hicks.

This was a great panel. If you’re at all interested in the game publishing business, you need to … Continue reading

Accessibility Panel at VirtuaCon ’13

Russell Collins of Robot Claw (designer of Tears of a Machine) and I will be discussing the topic of Accessibility in Gaming at VirtuaCon ’13 on October 19th. You may remember from a previous post that Tears of a Machine, now that it has been successfully funded, will be converted into accessible audio formats for people with print disabilities.  I am happy to say that I have been in touch with Russell and he has agreed to do this panel with me. Russell will also be giving a presentation at Metatopia, a convention for game designers, also in October.

What is VirtuaCon ’13?

From the official RPGGeek VirtuaCon 2013 information page:

Virtuacon is an all-virtual worldwide RPG gaming convention utilizing free online tools to bring gamers together for The Best 3 Days in Virtual Gaming. … Continue reading