End-of-Year Update, 2021

Happy Holidays, everyone.

It has been a busy year here at Accessible Games. Sometimes, I get so busy I forget to come back and post an update about what’s been happening around here.

If you have followed any of our recent Kickstarters, you’ll have an idea of what has been happening. Survival of the Able successfully funded at 129% and work on the game is well underway, Accessible Gaming Quarterly is about to drop Issue 7 in January, and I have been working behind the scenes on some projects I can’t talk about yet.

This year has seen a lot of successes. Accessible Gaming Quarterly Year 2 and Survival of the Able both exceeded their funding goals, which has really helped drive us forward. Their successes give me confidence that there are people out there who wisht o support diverse voices and marginalized communities, and in particular disabled gamers.

On that note, the Everyone-Games …
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Survival of the Able at Everyone-Games

This weekend, Friday and Saturday, I’ll be participating in an online event to raise awareness for gamers with disabilities. Donations will go to support two important charities, Able Gamers and Special Effect.
The event, called Everyone-Games, is going to be streamed on the Everyone-Games Twitch channel. Over the two days, there will be several panels and live game sessions, some of which will be run by incredible celebrity talent.
I’ll be moderating an Accessible Game Design panel and running a session of Survival of the Able. If you’d like to get a peak at what the game is like and haven’t already checked out one of the actual plays or interviews, now would be a great chance.

Survival of the Able has Risen Again on Kickstarter

Four characters sit by a campfire, unaware of the zombies lurking behind them. A title reads "Survival of the Able."They’re coming.

They’re hungry.

But they have no idea who they’re messing with.


Survival of the Able, the game about disabled people working together to overcome a zombie plague, is now infecting Kickstarter.

Join us at http://www.bit.ly/SotAKSLive if you want to survive.

About Survival of the Able

In Survival of the Able, you’re a disabled person living in a European almshouse when the Black Death comes to your town. Little is known about where the plague originated or how to stop it, but those who die from it are rising again—and they’re hungry for flesh. …
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Rising Soon – Survival of the Able

This entry is part 10 of 10 in the seriesSurvival of the Able Updates


On Kickstarter September 28th through November 1st, 2021

Visit http://www.bit.ly/SotAKSLive

Coming Soon – Survival of the Able Kickstarter

This entry is part 9 of 10 in the seriesSurvival of the Able Updates

Four characters sit by a campfire, unaware of the zombies lurking behind them. A title reads "Survival of the Able."

Survival of the Able is returning from the dead to invade Kickstarter.

Todd Crapper (Broken Ruler Games) and I are teaming up to re-launch the campaign at the end of September. It will run through the month of October and finish on the Day of the Dead, November 1st.

You may remember Survival of the Able from the interviews, podcasts, and articles I have post about the game before. In short, it’s a game about people with disabilities working together to overcome a zombie plague.

You will play as a person with …
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Accessible Gaming Quarterly Issue 5 Now Available

Front cover of AGQ Issue 5, featuring a color illustration of Darlene Lambert. Darlene is a post-collapse heroine whose story is detailed in this issue.We’re kicking off the second year of Accessible Gaming Quarterly with a stylish new color cover, and you can now get a copy of the first issue at DriveThruRPG.

Issue 5 of the zine delivers more great art, engaging essays, and a new Questions and Answers segment. There is also a bunch of creative content that puts disabled heroes in the spotlight and some new idea fuel for piratical prosthetics.

Inside this issue, you’ll find:

  1. “Questions and Answers with Accessible Games”
  2. “Do-it-Yourself Accessibility” by Justin Oldham
  3. “Character Snapshot: Darlene Lambert” by Justin Oldham
  4. “Accessibility, …
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Accessible Gaming Quarterly by the Numbers

When I launched the Kickstarter campaign for Accessible Gaming Quarterly, I set a budget of $1,000 per issue. At four issues for the first year, that meant a goal of $4,000 USD. I wasn’t entirely sure how reasonable that goal was, but I was confident in my ability to make it work as long as my assumptions weren’t wildly off base.

Now that all four issues have been published, it’s time to take a look at how I did. This analysis is as much for my benefit as it is for yours. I hope that by publicly announcing my costs and numbers, I can give you an insight into what it might take to produce a zine of your own someday. If nothing else, I feel I owe it to my backers to be transparent with where the money went.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

(Note: You can purchase individual issues …
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Accessible Gaming Quarterly Issue 4 Now Available

Front Cover of AGQ Issue 104We’re excited to announce that Accessible Gaming Quarterly, Issue 4 (April 2021), is now available in both digital and print.

This issue rounds out Year 1 of the zine, and it is the biggest issue to date. Issue 4 includes 56 pages, plus additional battle maps you can download for Microsoft Excel. It’s also available in several formats: Vision Layers-enabled PDF, non-layered PDF, fixed and fluid ePub, and print. Pay once and get access to every version, so you can choose the best format for you without spending extra.


This fourth issue of the zine features eight articles, including:

  • “Going Online” by Jacob Wood