Vision Layers Kickstarter is Upgrading Popular RPGs

If you have checked out Survival of the Able or Accessible Gaming Quarterly, you may have noticed an icon indicating these PDFs are Vision Layers-enabled. You may have even experimented with Vision Layers a bit and played around with the different readability options these products offer.

Vision Layers were invented by our good friend Todd Crapper, whose name you  may recognize if you have been following Accessible Games for a while. He designed Killshot, High Plains Samurai, and ScreenPlay, and he has provided his talented layout services for Survival of the Able and Accessible Gaming Quarterly. He also works for our friends over at Third Eye Games.

Todd recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring Vision Layers to additional RPGs. He is raising money to launch an educational website about Vision Layers so other publishers can use them in their own products (without royalty), and …
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Part-Time Gods 2e, Interview with Eloy Lasanta


Eloy Lasanta, a friend of Accessible Games and all-around good guy, is running a Kickstarter campaign for Part-Time Gods 2nd Edition (PTG2e). It is already successfully funded as of this article’s publication date, but he’s working on some fabulous stretch goals which will enhance the game.

When I first learned of PTG2e I was stoked. I am an enormous fan of the first edition, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for its future. Eloy described this as the game he always wanted to write but didn’t have the experience for, but now with dozens of books to his name he’s finally in a place where he can really make this setting ascend to greatness. As soon as I heard about the Kickstarter campaign I reached out to Eloy to do an interview, and what follows is a transcript.


Eloy is the owner of …
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Teach Your Kids to Game with Monster Kart Mayhem

Monster Kart Mayhem Front Cover
It’s DriveThruRPG’s annual Teach Your Kids to Game Week, and hundreds of family-friendly RPG titles are 20-50% off. Now’s a great time to pick up your copy of Monster Kart Mayhem for just $5 (PDF) or $12 (print). While you’re at it, pick up a copy of the new Monster Kart Mayhem: Family Affair character pack and add two brand-new racers to your game.

Colors of Grey is also a great family-friendly title and you can pick it up on a Pay-What-You-Want basis anytime.

You might also like these family-friendly RPGs from Third Eye Games: Mermaid Adventures (read our review), Camp Myth: The …
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Super Able in Research, You Can Help

If you’ve read my previous reviews of Mermaid Adventures and Camp Myth: the RPG, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of the Pip System by Third Eye Games. In addition to reviewing those books, I also wrote about one third of Infestation, an RPG of Bugs and Heroes. All of these ENnie Award-nominated games are fantastic games for families and children, and I’m thrilled to be working with 3EG again to develop more content for this flexible and accessible game system.

Third Eye Games previously announced a Pip System core book is in development. I’ll be joining several other talented designers to develop a complete core book. That means the game will be designed to work with any genre and any setting as opposed to a specific setting (such as Mermaid Adventures).

To show off the core game, 3EG is also developing several unique settings based on …
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