Accessible Games Ignites a Fire – New Product on DTRPG

I haven’t had spare time to write about this before, so this may be a surprise to most of you. For the past 30 days I have been participating in the Gamer Lifestyle Product Creation Bootcamp, in which I designed a new product from the ground up in 30 days. I’m pleased to announce that product is now available on DTRPG for just $2.49.

About the Book

Fire Starters Cover

Fire Starters: 10 Adventure Seeds to Spark Your Cyberpunk Campaign was designed to help Game Masters find some inspiration for their next cyberpunk campaign or one-shot adventure. Though I encourage fans to use these adventure with Psi-punkFire Starters is systemless and usable with any cyberpunk system or setting.

The book offers 10 adventure seeds, complete with introduction, background, complications, conclusions, and follow-up adventure hooks for using the seeds in an ongoing campaign. Each adventure seed is roughly one page in length, so it’s easy to find the information you need to get started building your adventures.

Fire Starters is now on sale at DriveThruRPG.

Product Preview

Download the 3-page product preview:

Fire Starters Preview
Fire Starters Preview
Fire Starters Preview.pdf
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Product Page Description

Fire Starters contains the fuel you need to ignite any cyberpunk campaign. You’ll get 10 systemless adventure seeds, complete with player information, GM-only background info, complications, and follow-up advice on how to integrate these adventures into a larger campaign.

My name is Jacob Wood, and I hail from Portland, Oregon where the water is fresh and clearly laced with something that breeds geeks of all varieties. I long for the day when I can replace my analog eyes with cybernetic upgrades, but until then I’ll just make do with what I have.

I wrote Fire Starters as part of the Gamer Lifestyle Bootcamp because I found myself in constant need for quick adventure ideas, but all I had to turn to were random adventure generators. Those are great in a pinch, and I even used the adventure generator I wrote to help spark some of the ideas in this book, but it still takes time to grow those random seeds into something more usable.  Then I thought “Wouldn’t it be great if these could actually help me start a campaign, rather than just provide filler for an evening?”

Fire Starters is 10 pages, not including cover and credits pages. After a brief introduction, you’ll get tossed right into the fire—1 adventure seed per page with no additional filler. Each adventure contains a brief introduction for GMs to read to their players, then provides the background and other ideas you’ll need to get the ball rolling.

It doesn’t matter which system or setting you’re using. Fire Starters is systemless, so every seed is suitable for any cyberpunk campaign. Want to play Shadowrun one day and Psi-punk the next? No problem, there’s enough fuel here for you.