AGQ Issue 9 and Year 2 Anthology Now Available

Front cover of AGQ301. Standing proud and tall amongst trees, Floopy, the goat warrior, holds his rifle casually across his body with his left arm. This is made of articulated copper and shines with swirling patterns. He is dressed in a brocaded red with gold trim military suit and across his right shoulder hangs a ceremonial deep blue Cavalier shoulder cape.This month, we have two new titles available.

Accessible Gaming Quarterly Issue 9 (AGQ301) is the latest in the series. It features new articles and art by new and returning contributors.

You can get it in multiple file formats, including PDF with Vision Layers, PDF without layers, Fixed Layout ePub, and Re-flowable ePub. It’s also available in softcover print-on-demand.



Accessible Gaming Quarterly Year 2 Anthology (AGQ205) combines all four issues from Year 2. You’ll receive all the content from Issues 5 through 8 when you purchase this single product, and you’ll get them for less than the cost of buying each issue individually.

Receive all the digital files for all four issues, and optionally purchase a softcover print product (approximately 240 pages).



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