Contest: Survival of the Able Character Sheet Interpretation

Survival of the Able Character SheetThe Announcement

Even if you’re a regular follower of my blog and social media posts, chances are good you haven’t heard of Survival of the Able until now. It’s a game I’ve been working on quietly for a while and have only mentioned in private to a few people or publicly with few details. Consider this an official announcement that I’m working on a brand new game with a familiar but original system.

I’m going to be taking this game for playtesting to the upcoming Gamestorm convention in March. That means I’ve been hard at work getting the game into a playable alpha state and, recently, creating a character sheet for use at the table.

Because I haven’t told you anything about the game yet, I thought it’d be fun to give you a peak at the character sheet and see what it is you might be able to tell me given only the information you can find on the page.

The Contest

Download the following character sheet (PDF):

Survival of the Able Character Sheet
Survival of the Able Character Sheet
144.6 KiB

Review it. Study it. Decipher it. Try to come up with at least 3 facts about the game based solely on what you find on the page. Bonus points if you can come up with more.

I’ll tell you a few things up front to cut off some of the obvious answers:

  1. The game uses Fate Points, but it’s not a Fate game. I’ll probably rename these at some point to distance it more from Fate.
  2. The game inspired by Fudge and Fate. You’ll notice a Trait Ladder and the aforementioned Fate Points. Although the game uses Fudge Dice, it’s also not specifically a Fudge game.

With that in mind, what else can you tell me about the game based on the information provided on the sheet? What are Blessed Dice? What role do Saints play in the game? How are the different Traits used?

The person who comes up with the most accurate answers wins. Failing any accurate answers, the person who comes up with the most interesting answers wins.

How to Enter

There are three ways to enter the contest:

  1. Write your answers in a social media post and tag me in on the conversation. You can find me on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and linkedIn.
  2. Blog about it and send me a link.
  3. Contact me by e-mail and include your results in the body of the message.

You have until Saturday, February 13th, 2016 to enter. Tell me 3 or more facts with as much detail as you see fit. I’ll keep track of who provides the most accurate answers and announce the winner by the end of February.

The Prize

You get to create a character for the book. All of the pre-gen characters will be illustrated, so you’ll get to shape the entire character as it will eventually appear in the final book. How cool is that?

Stay Tuned

After the winner is announced, I’ll begin talking more about the game and its specifics. Stay tuned for future updates by following me on social media or signing up for the Accessible Games monthly newsletter.