Pirate’s Cove by Days of Wonder: First Impressions

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Pirate's Cove Box Art

Game Info

Publisher: Days of Wonder

Year Published: 2002

Number of Players: 3 to 5

Play Time: 90 minutes

Set-up Time: 5 minutes

Learning Curve: Low

Ages: Rated 8 and up

Table Size: Medium to Large


At this year’s Gamestorm 15 convention, I had the opportunity to play Pirat’es Cove, a game about stealing treasure, killing pirates, and bragging about it at the tavern. Though I only got to play it once, I found the experience very enjoyable and this game is now near the top of my wish list. What makes it so fun? I’m glad you asked.

Game Description

BoardGameGeek has a pretty thorough description of Pirate’s Cove:

Come aboard and sail to Pirate’s Cove… the legendary hideaway of thieving …
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Mystery of the Abbey: First Impressions

Myster of the Abbey Box Art


Game Info

Publisher: Days of Wonder

Year Published: 2007 (with Pilgrim expansion) / 1996 (originally)

Number of Players: 36

Play Time: 90 to 120  minutes

Set-up Time: About 5 minutes

Ages: 10 and up

Table Size: Medium


I recently had the joy of trying out this “who done it” game with some friends who I gave it to as a Christmas gift.  A buddy of mine and I were trying to pick out a game that would make a great gift for a couple, since both have varying tastes in board games and were looking for something that would be good for a larger group.  After much deliberation, we decided to go with Mystery of the Abbey because it seemed like …
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Game Day September 2010: Cleopatra

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Cleopatra Box ArtThe next morning we kicked off a game of Cleopatra, a Days of Wonder game, after breakfast.  Cleopatra is another resource management and building game, but varies quite a bit from Catan.  In this game, each player is an architect in Ancient Egypt, trying to build parts of a palace for Cleopatra herself.  During the game, players will collect resource cards, build different structures, and occasionally play special “character” cards to try to help them earn the most Victory Points.  However, some of these building pieces come at a cost: use of sub par resources or interaction with shady characters may help you build faster but will earn you “corruption points” …
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