Entombed (PC): Review

Game Info

Publisher: Driftwood Audio Entertainment

Year Published: 2010

Number of Players: 1

Play Time: Dozens of hours or more

System Requirements: Windows PC with Microsoft .NET 3.5 installed or Mac if it’s virtualized through VMWare Fusion or a similar program


Driftwood Audio Entertainment’s Entombed is a Roguelike (Wikipedia entry) game developed specifically for blind and visually impaired gamers. The game is designed entirely around the use of audio cues and keyboard commands, making it easily accessible for anyone with a visual impairment, but it is entertaining enough to play even if you’re sighted.

The term “Roguelike” refers to a subgenre of text-based adventure/roleplaying games similar to the game Rogue, which essentially kicked off the genre. These games are often set in a high fantasy setting and include typical fantasy races, such as elves, dwarves, ogres, and faeries, and often include typical fantasy roleplaying character classes such as fighters, barbarians, …
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