Fire Starters for Fantasy Kids Now Available

A fiery phoenix rises upward on the front cover of Fire Starters.Do any or all of these describe you?

  • You want to teach your kids how to play RPGs, but you don’t want to encourage constant fighting.
  • You struggle to come up with unique adventure ideas suitable for kids.
  • You want to teach your kids how to be a great Game Master, but need a little help getting them going.

That was me before I got the idea for this book. Building on the concepts I used in Fire Starters: 10 Adventure Seeds to Spark Your Cyberpunk Campaign, I realized I just needed a spark of imagination to launch from. After a bit of brainstorming, I wrote down these adventure seeds to share them with you and your budding geeklings, and they are now available at DriveThruRPG.

What Are Fire Starters?

Fire Starters are adventure seeds designed to help you launch a campaign or fill in a short session. Each of the 10 adventure seeds includes a background, a few complications, possible conclusions, and some follow-up hooks to launch from. They can be run as standalone sessions or connected to piece together a longer campaign.

Each adventure seed is systemless so you can adapt them to whichever game you are playing. Whether you’re using the Pip System, Fudge, Fate, Hero Kids, 5th Edition, or any other system, these adventures  can be altered to suit your tastes and preferences.

Learn more about Fire Starters for Fantasy Kids, or get your copy today at DTRPG.