Fudge Wins the RPGGeek GLAIR Award

One of my favorite RPGs recently won an award from one of my favorite websites. Fudge, the system on which Psi-punk and Monster Kart Mayhem are built, recently received the honorable Geek Lifetime Achievement in Roleplaying (GLAIR) award for 2016.

GLAIR winners are voted on in a tournament-style competition, and this year it was Fudge’s turn to come out on top. It joins the ranks of such venerable RPGs as Dungeons and Dragons, Pendragon, Traveller, Call of Cthulu, Classic World of Darkness, and Paranoia. Truly, this is an esteemed position to be in.

For more details about GLAIR, visit the GLAIR Wiki on RPGGeek.

To read the official announcement, check out this news article.

Also, as a refresher, read my thoughts on Why Fudge is a Great Accessible RPG.

There are tons of great settings and hacks for Fudge. If you’re not familiar with the game, visit FudgeRPG.com for the official site where you can download a copy of the Fudge SRD. DriveThruRPG also has several Fudge games available, including: Mecha Aces, Gatecrasher, HeartQuest, Now Playing, Heroes of Oz, and more.

To join the discussion about Fudge, I recommend joining the Fudge Google+ Community.

I’d like to give a huge congratulations to Fudge for being recognized as one of the most influential games in RPG history. It’s a well-deserved achievement.