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I’ve received a lot of great feedback about the Game Publishing Lessons Learned series of articles. Many new and upcoming publishers have found helpful advice within the 11 articles of the series, so I thought I’d package it all up into one place and make it available as an eBook.

In addition to minor updates, I changed the order of the articles to make the information flow a bit more smoothly. You’ll now find the How to Talk to Artists section directly proceeding the How to Find Artists chapter, for example.

As I went about the task of laying out the new book, I discovered the word count on all of the articles combined was around 25,000. I couldn’t believe how much I had written on this subject already, and how much more I still feel I have to say. Hopefully this 45-page book will get you started, but you’re always welcome to contact me if you have any further questions or have an idea for a new article.

This series will always be available for free on my website, but if you’d like to support me for the work I’ve done or if you’d like to have all of those articles neatly packaged for you, please consider purchasing it from RPGNow for just $5. Every word I write on a series like this is one that I’m not writing for a new game, so your contributions are certainly appreciated.

Get the Game Publishing Lessons eBook from RPGNow.

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