The Gamer Effect $50 Gamer Giveaway Contest

The Gamer Effect, a blog about all things geek-related, is giving away two $25 gift cards to celebrate their 50th post. All you have to do to enter is post a comment on the announcement page to share a link to your favorite RPG-related blog. If you’re a blog owner, you can also enter to win a $25 gift card by posting about the contest on your blog (see what I’m doing?).

Visit the contest page to enter.

I recently began contributing to The Gamer Effect myself. You can read my review of the amazing album “Chainmail and Cello” by The Doubleclicks, already posted. I also have a review of the new Fractured Kingdom RPG by House Dok Productions, which should be live in a few days (teaser: the game’s pretty dang awesome.

Head on over to The Gamer Effect for your chance to win, but stick around for some great posts by a lot of great contributors!