Monster Kart Mayhem Kickstarter – the Final Countdown

It’s the final countdown! (Cue  ’80s rock music montage.)

Monster Kart Mayhem has entered its final two days on Kickstarter. As of the time of this writing, we’re about $300 away from meeting our first stretch goal, Monster Kart Mermaids. If you haven’t pledged yet, take a gander at this picture of one of the iconic racers for this adventure pack and tell me it doesn’t change your mind.

Eloy the Eelfolk

Eloy the Eelfolk

Still not convinced?

Here is a whole pile of links to various media related to Monster Kart Mayhem. Perhaps you’ve missed a few of them over the course of the last 30 days. They’re here in one helpful place now, so take a look!

Tabletop Day Recap – In this update, I talk about my experience running Monster Kart Mayhem during International Tabletop Day. I discovered just how easy this game is to learn  for new board game players and children.

Play On Target Podcast Interview – I sat down with the fine folks from the Play On Target podcast to discuss Monster Kart Mayhem and accessible games in general.

Monster Kart Mayhem Goes to Camp – A live demonstration of Monster Kart Mayhem Goes to Camp, the Camp Myth-themed adventure pack. I had the opportunity to play with Chris Lewis Carter, author of Camp Myth, and had a lot of fun showing off some of the new features this adventure has to offer.

“Fund or Fail” Interview – In this interview, I spoke with Richard Rogers from the Indie+ Google+ network. We talked about all sorts of things relating to Monster Kart Mayhem.

New Monster Concepts – In this update, I preview some of the potential new monsters that will be exclusive to backers who pledge $20 or more. They include The Mummy, Wolfman, Zombie Bob, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Still Still Not Convinced?

If you pledge at least $5, you gain access to the Backers-only preview copies of all of the adventure packs. The link to them is available in Update #1.

Now or Never

Now’s your chance to become part of monster kart-racing history. Thanks for joining us on this amazing ride, and please remember to tell your friends and family. We’re rocking already, but with your help we could be rolling too! (Oh man, that was so lame.)