Monster Kart Mayhem Updates

First of all, check out this great new art for Monster Kart Mayhem. Bradley K. McDevitt is doing a wonderful job–he really gets what Monster Kart Mayhem is about, and that shows in his artwork. The two previous image ares on the Monster Kart Mayhem page, so head over there to check them out.

My wife and I got to brainstorming last night, and we came up with a flood of ideas for new Monster Kart Mayhem content. For now I’m still working on getting the core game out the door, but here are a few of the great ideas we had. There is still a lot to be refined, but MKM now has some serious direction.

New Race Tracks

In addition to Transylvania, we came up with five new potential race tracks:

  • Atlantis
  • Africa
  • Australia
  • Mythica
  • Fairyland

Each race track will feature unique locations and come with six new pre-generated racers. They’ll each have new Power-ups, terrain effects, and other mysterious or magical happenings.

I’m going to begin posting more details regularly here on the blog for those who wish to follow along. Here’s a quick teaser of some of the creatures you might find–can you guess which race track they each belong to?

  • Satyr
  • Cerberus
  • Anansi
  • Urchinfolk
  • Fenrir
  • Brownie

These are just a few of the new creatures you’ll get to race with in upcoming add-ons for MOnster Kart Mayhem. Stay tuned for more details as the game develops.

Download Monster Kart Mayhem

If you haven’t read the original RPGGeek Adventure Contest 2013 version of the game, download it below and take a few minutes to read it over. This is the version that will be greatly improved upon in the future.