Monster Kart Monday #11: Circus of Craziness

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Come one, come all! Tonight’s Big Top event is sure to astonish, astound, and amaze! All of the circus’ best, brightest, and fastest racers will compete in the incredible, the wonderful, and the entirely insane Race of Awesome!
In tonight’s main event, watch in astonishment as Cuckoo the Clown speeds down the midway. Watch in horror as Buri the Circus Bear rides his bouncy ball across the tight rope of death. Gander at Malrock the Magnificent as he maneuvers his flying carpet through the mirror maze, and root for Francesca the Flameeater as she attempts to navigate the roundabout carousel.
Tonight’s going to be an extravaganza you won’t want to miss!

MKM: Circus Craziness

The fourthadd-on adventure for Monster Kart Mayhem is Circus Craziness. It’s a departure from the fairy and mermaid theme and takes the game back a bit to its monstrous roots, in a way. Though the characters are (somewhat)  normal, the circus is far from it.

Circus Craziness brings 8 new circus-themed racers to the fold:

  • Cuckoo the Clown
  • Bur the Circus Bear
  • Stella the Stilt Walker
  • Julie the Juggler
  • Malrock the Magnificant
  • Francesca the Flameeater
  • Selene the Sword Swalloer

As usual, each racer has his/her own unique Traits, Perks, and Quirks. For example, Cuckoo’s Perks and Quirks are…

Perk: Pie in the Face (Cuckoo is always armed with a key lime pie, ready to toss it at any threat. Once every three rounds, Cuckoo may throw a pie in place of a Hurt Someone action. He makes a Hurt Someone check as normal, but the target takes a penalty to her Maneuvering Trait instead of her Speed Trait. The penalty to the Maneuvering Trait lasts for 2 rounds.)

Quirk:   Coulrophobia (Other racers are afraid of Cuckoo, despite his friendly demeanor. All other racers gain a +1 bonus to their Hurtin Trait when attempting a Hurt Someone action against Cuckoo.

Racers will speed through the Big Tent, across the Tight Rope of Death, out of the exit through the Whirling Blades of Death, through the Mirror Maze, around and around on the Carousel, down the Midway, up the Roller Coaster, and through the Ring of Fire before finally reaching the finish line.

During the race, you’ll be able to pick up 9 new Power-Ups. Attack your opponents with the Skee Ball Cannon, get a boost of speed from a Cotton Candy sugar rush, or chicken out on riding The Giant Loopy Zero Gravity Ring of Certain Death by grabbing a Kiddy Ride Ticket.

Circus Craziness is sure to astonish, astound, and amaze. You’ll be able to see the full adventure soon when the MKM Kickstarter launches in mid-October. For more details about the Kickstarter chek out Monster Kart Monday #10 by using the navigation links at the top of this page.

Until next time!

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