Monster Kart Monday #13: The Return

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Monster Kart Mondays are back!

There have been a lot of things going on around here lately, but development on Monster Kart Mayhem has not ceased. Delayed, yes. But not ceased.

Monster Kart Mayhem PbF

The big news on the Monster Kart Mayhem front is that I am currently running two Play-Forum (PbF) games of MKM at RPGGeek. I had originally intended to offer seats at these virtual tables to my blog readers, but I filled two tables in under two days when I had initially planned on filling one table in a week, so I regret to say there just wasn’t room. I hope to be able to offer additional PbF games in the future though, so stay tuned.

If you would like to follow along and see how a game of Monster Kart Mayhem plays out in a turn-by-turn manner, check out the following RPGGeek threads:

[OOC] Monster Kart Mayhem PbF, February 2014

[IC] MKM Group A: Transylvanian Thrashers

[IC] MKM Group B: Monster Kart Murdercyclers

The thread labelled [OOC] is for Out-of-Character discussion about the game and the two IC, or In Character, threads.

Both games are underway. Though we can’t have other people commenting on the IC threads, you’re welcome to follow along by reading every post. Both groups are taking different approaches to their characters, so it’s a lot of fun to read each thread.

Game Updates

There isn’t a new Alpha available yet, but the PbF games are helping me really think about some design aspects of the game. I’m looking at a lot of minor changes and some optional rules.

I’ll talk more about them n the next couple of weeks, but here are a few items that are up for consideration:

Summary of Tables — this would just be a handy quick reference sheet that consolidates all of the tables onto one page.

Power-Up Limit: currently, no controls are in place to limit the number of Power-Ups a racer may possess. I’m waiting to see how this plays out in the 4 and 5-player games currently going on at RPGGeek, but I may include an optional rule to place restraints on Power-Ups. I want this rule to be optional because it adds complexity to the game and I want this game to be as kid and family-friendly as possible. Optional rules keep the game accessible while still allowing advanced players to tweak things to their liking.

Finally, I’ve been kicking around the idea of adding an Endorsements mechanic as another optional rule. Endorsements would be rewards for winning a race that grant you small bonuses in future races, similar to the Merit Badges mechanic of MKM Goes to Camp (which I talked about in Monster Kart Monday #5).

I’m planning a Kickstarter campaign for March of 2014, so I’ll be writing a lot more about the game in the weeks to come. Until then,  come hang out with us at RPGGeek!

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