Monster Kart Monday #8: Now With More Faeries

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Monster Kart Monday is back! We took a week off due to the holiday here in America, but we’ve returned to tell you a little bit more about MKM: Fairyland.

You may remember me talking about MKM Fairyland in Week 6. Now it’s been a few weeks and I have a bit more news for you on that front. The new race course is coming along great, and 7 out of 8 new racers have been fully written up. So far we have

* Daphne the Dryad
* Gunther the Gnome
* Seth the Satyr
* Sylvia the Sylph
* Paisley the Pixie
* Barty the Brownie
* Bogey the Boggart

I’m still torn between two options for the 8th character: Natalie the Nixie or Nell the Nymph. I suppose I could make 9 total characters, but that’s such an odd number (geddit?). What are your thoughts: Nixie or Nymph for character number 8?

In addition to the new characters, I’m working on a new track-specific mechanic called Faerie Pranks.

You didn’t think a ride through fairyland would be without its challenges, did you? In addition to the normal Terrain Effects of the Race Course, the Starting Player of each round must roll on the following chart. For the rest of that round, apply the effects of the Fairie Prank to all racers.
Roll 2dF and use the chart the same way you use the Power-Up chart to determine which Fairie Prank happens that round.

The chart isn’t finalized yet, but so far we have Disappearing Dust, a Silly Song, and a Jolly JIg. Each round, the Starting Player rolls on the chart for one of these Prank effects. For the rest of the round, each player is affected by that prank.

For instance, Disappearing Dust makes all racers disappear so noone can be the target of a Hurt Someone or Cause a Complication action that round. A Jolly Jig makes everyones Seed reduced while they get out of their car and dance a little jig, and because it’s so jolly nobody fels like hurting anyone that round.

These Faerie Pranks have the potential to add a lot of dynamic events to the game, so I’m excited to continue working on them.

That’s all the reveal for this week, but remember that I’m going to be running Monster Kart Mayhem at VirtuaCon ’13 on October 20th, so make sure you head on over to RPGGeek and register. For more information, check out Monster Kart Monday Week 7.

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