Issue 7 – January 2022

Enthera the Cleric prepares for combat on the cover of AGQ Issue 7When I started Accessible Games in 2010, I knew that people with disabilities were woefully underrepresented in our hobby. I received validation of that fact everywhere.  From local conventions to GenCon, from RPGGeek to Twitter, I encountered story after story about the difficulties people with disabilities often face when participating in the hobby.


Accessible Gaming Quarterly is my answer to that problem. This zine, funded through Kickstarter by a community of people with disabilities and our allies, raises awareness of accessibility and inclusion in the RPG hobby. We’re bringing together writers, designers, and artists to showcase and represent the many talents of disabled creators and giving a voice to their stories.


This issue continues the second year of the zine with Q&A, essays, character profiles, and creative ideas to spice up your games. Articles include:

  1. “Questions and Answers with Accessible Games”
  2. “Enthera the Cleric,” written and illustrated by Linus Andersson
  3. “Does Size Matter?” by Anne K. Nagel
  4. “Character Snapshot: Lex” by Justin Oldham
  5. “Combat Tracking with Excel” by Travis Peterson
  6. “How I Decided to Write My Senior Thesis on Dungeons and Dragons” by Marcia Hunt
  7. “Evolution” by Jacob Wood, illustrated by Austin Vanderwilt
  8. “Overcharge: A Look at Imposter Syndrome” by T Dave Silva


The digital edition of this zine includes Vision Layers, which allows users to toggle between different viewing options in the PDF. Choose from color or black-and-white, with or without background elements, and text-only options. The PDF is also tagged for improved readability with screen readers.


You can also download the zine in fixed and reflowable ePub formats.


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