Year 1 Anthology

Accessible Gaming Quarterly is the world’s first zine devoted to accessibility and inclusion in the tabletop RPG industry. Each quarterly release features articles, essays, and art from disabled creators and allies.

Get the entire first year of Accessible Gaming Quarterly in one volume. That’s four issues in one collection.

This anthology contains all the articles and art from AGQ Issues 1 through 4, conveniently packaged in a single tome. If you don’t already own the first year, this is a great way to get caught up.

Note: Purchasing this product will grant you access to each issue and all supplementary files. It does not contain any additional bonus material, so if you already own the first four issues then you will not benefit from purchasing this book.

For more information about individual issues, see the following products:

When you get the Year 1 Anthology at DriveThruRPG, you will receive every issue and all supplemental materials. If you order the print-on-demand product, you also gain a 192-page book containing all the material in one convenient tome.

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