Abjurer’s Appendix

Abjurer's Appendix Cover

Abjurer’s Appendix

Abjurer’s Appendix

Abjuration is an often-overlooked school which focuses on protective, dispelling, and warding magics.

In the Abjurer’s Appendix, we present 10 new abjuration spells, one for each spell level 0 through 9.

The new spells include:

  •  Bernard’s Bauble Bubble
  • Protection from Puddings
  • Rebounding Rebuttal
  • Defending Darts
  • Hagar’s Harmful Haven
  • Umbral Cloak
  • Anticipate Death
  • Dispelling Drain
  • Phinieas’ +5 Fortified Fortress of Fortification

In addition to these new spells, we present a new wizard subschool: reflection magic. Reflection wizards specialize in turning an enemy’s spells back against them.

Each spell begins on its own page, making them simple to reference on the fly. The PDF is also layered for ink-friendly printing and tagged for screen reader accessibility, so it’s a great resource for anyone whether you read from a computer, tablet, or the printed page.

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