Conservation of Ninjutsu

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Capable of defeating hordes of enemies on his own, a lone ninja—when given sufficient reason—can bring an evil emperor’s dynasty to its knees. Unfortunately, you’re not that lone ninja. Your evil empire is about to fall apart. You’ll be up against overwhelming odds: your entire ninja army versus a single hero. Are you up to the challenge?

Conservation of Ninjutsu is a single-player role-playing game in which you, the evil emperor, must rally his ninja army to defeat a lone hero who threatens your way of life. The hero fights for good, justice, and fair taxes. Will you let him ruin your dynasty, or will your ninja hordes be strong enough to stop him?

About this Book

Conservation of Ninjutsu is a single player dice game in which you play as the Evil Emperor and his horde of ninja goons. Legend has it that a new hero has been born in a nearby village, and it’s up to you and your ninja to defeat him before he brings peace and harmony to the land.

This game was designed and written in 48 hours as part of the 48-Hour Design Contest 2013.

About the Game

To play, you will need a horde of dice to represent your ninja: 3d12, 4d10, 5d8, 6d6, and 7d4. If your dice-fu is weak, you may also just re-roll the same dice over and over.

The die mechanics you will use to play vary from scene to scene, but in every circumstance you will need to choose your hordes wisely. This is a roll-and-keep strategy game, assuming the hero doesn’t destroy the dice you wish to keep.

The fate of your evil empire is at stake. Defeat the hero and your kingdom is safe for another generation. Lose, and the hero will restore peace and harmony to the land.

Choose Your Destiny (Story)

Choose Your Destiny CoverLife’s great when you’re the Evil Emperor. You’ve got limitless peasants to do your bidding, trusted advisors to keep you informed about matters of state, and plenty of iniquity time. For you, it’s great to be alive.

Until one day, when your Most Trusted Advisor brings you news that a new hero is rumored to be rising up against you. How should you respond? What should happen if he succeeds?

In this Choose Your Own Adventure-style story, you’ll take on the role of an evil emperor and decide how to react to the news. With several different story paths and four possible endings, you’ll have plenty of fun flipping through the pages to find the outcome of your decisions.

Choose Your Destiny is a short story set in the world of Conservation of Ninjutsu.

This PDF is hyperlinked for easy navigation between choices.

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