Lucidity, Inc.

Lucidity Inc. Cover ThumbLucidity, Inc. was written for the Game Chef 2015 design competition. It’s a simple game about entering a patient’s dreams to help heal them of mental trauma.

About the Book

From the book’s Credits page:

This game was written for the Game Chef 2015 design contest, which you can learn more about at

Game Chef 2015 ParticipantTheme: This year’s theme is “A Different Audience.” I’ve chosen to design this game for people who work, or are considering working, in various helping professions—psychologists, counselors, social workers, vocational rehabilitation counselors, etc. Everyone is free and welcome to participate, but the game was designed specifically with this audience in mind.

Ingredients: The main ingredient of this game is Dreams, but Abandon and Stillness are also included.


You can download the complete contest entry below. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non- Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Lucidity Inc
Lucidity Inc
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What Others are Saying

Check out the feedback I received from the game’s four Game Chef reviewers.

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Since this game is still in a tentative state of development, I’d love to hear your feedback. Should I continue to flesh it out into a more complete game or leave it alone the way it is? Leave a comment or contact me with your ideas and suggestions.