Family Affair

Frankie’s Family is Growing

Francesca Stein driving a car similar to a VW Beetle. Her license plate reads "Just Buried."

Move over Frankie. There’s a new girl in town.

Frankie was last year’s Monster Mash champion, and as a reward the Mad Doctor built him two new family members.

Francesca Stein is Frankie’s new bride, and she’s determined to follow in his tracks… then speed by him and make him eat her dust!

Frankie Jr. is the couples’ new bouncing baby boy. He’s a Junior Monster Mash champion who’s ready for the big leagues.

In this PDF bundle, you’ll find:

  • Two new characters to add to your Monster Kart Mayhem games.
  • Pre-filled character sheets for each racer.
  • Printable tokens to represent your new characters on the race course.

Monster Kart Mayhem: Family Affair is designed for use with the Monster Kart Mayhem rules.

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