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Discover what it means to be more than human. Ghosts, psiborgs, technomancers, and soul jackers–they’re out there, and you’re probably one of them. You need a special set of talents to make it in this world, so why not build your ideal body and strap on a few magic devices to give yourself a cyberleg up over the competition?

The Back of the Book

Cyber and Psi

In the year 2096, psychics walk among us. They proved too powerful to eradicate when they first appeared 80 years ago, but now normals have new tech to help level the playing field. Of course, the odds are never fair when mega-corps and rival governments are involved.

In a world where it’s every corporate drone for himself, will you take your life into your own hands and cast your luck as a street runner or will you throw your hat in with the man?

In this book you’ll discover:

  • A complete cyberpunk RPG using the Fudge™ rule system
  • A future powered by advancements in psionic-powered technologies
  • Complete rules for building characters, including options to give them cybernetic enhancements, psionic powers, magic devices, and weapons galore
  • Loads of psychic powers, including telekinesis, pyrokinesis, ESP, mind control, psychometry, and more
  • Fast and simple rules for hacking computers that don’t exclude anyone from participating
  • Unique methods for hacking people, including the controversial practice of soul jacking
  • Advice on how to GM a fast and simple session with limited prep time
  • A sample adventure to get you started in the world of Psi-punk
  • And much more!

About Psi-punk

Psi-punk combines the Fudge™ Roleplaying System with a futuristic setting where psychics and cyberware are both commonplace.

You can read more about the game from our archived developer blog, or check out the rules for yourself through our Psi-punk System Reference Document.



Psi-punk is available in three formats: PDF, softcover B&W, and hardcover B&W. You can get the PDFs from DriveThruRPG,, or the Open Gaming Store, but the printed books are only available print-on-demand from DriveThruRPG. See the Web Links section below for links to Psi-punk at each of these stores.

We also have a System Reference Document (SRD) containing just the rules for the game with none of the setting and art. It’s available free of charge on the Open Gaming Network or as a free PDF + Word Document download. See the Media section below to download the zip file.


The following sourcebooks are available for Psi-punk:

  • Corps and Criminals is a setting sourcebook which goes into depth about megacorps, cartels, gangs, and mafias in the Psi-punk setting.
  • World’s Edge Arena is a setting sourcebook. Players can participate as warriors in a televised bloodsport and explore the city of Punta Arenas, Chile.
  • Psi-punk Archetypes are micro-supplements. Each focuses on a specific character archetype and offers ideas for Skills, Gifts, Faults, and Gear characters of that archetype might take.

What Others are Saying

I Kickstarted this game and now I’m seriously in love with Psi-Punk.” –David L. at DTRPG.

“In a nut-shell it’s a trip back to the 80s and early 90s and I mean that in a good way!” Stargazer’s World

“Overall: 10 out of 10

If you are looking for a great cyber setting adventure using the Fudge System, Psi-Punk is a great game to turn to.” Roleplayer’s Chronicle

“If you’re looking for a cyberpunk style game setting that combines the numerous different types of dystopian future settings into one and binds them all together with the FUDGE rules system then you can’t go far wrong with Psi-Punk…” House of Black

“One of my favourite things about this game is the variety of different “hacking” games it envisages.” –Vircades Project



Psi-punk System Reference Document
Psi-punk System Reference Document
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Psi-punk Adventure Generator Spreadsheet
Psi-punk Adventure Generator Spreadsheet
Adventure Generator.xlsm
33.3 KiB
Psi-punk Preview PDF
Psi-punk Preview PDF
2.4 MiB
Psi-punk Form-fillable Character Sheet
Psi-punk Form-fillable Character Sheet
Psi-punk Character Sheet Forms.pdf
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Psi-punk Pre-gen Characters
Psi-punk Pre-gen Characters
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Psi-punk: Flooded City of Downhang
Psi-punk: Flooded City of Downhang
The Flooded City of Downhang.pdf
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