Psi-punk Archetypes

The Archetypes line of mini sourcebooks detail individual character archetypes from the Psi-punk universe. Each PDF provides a first-person overview of the archetype as well as suggestions for Skills, Gifts, Faults, and Gear.

Brenner Front Cover


Changeling Front Cover


Brenners are masters of pyrokinesis which gives them the power to control fire with their minds.

Changelings use the control animate power to alter the form of nearly any living material. Many master the art of deception while others perfect the physical form.

Promoter Front Cover


Opportunist Front Cover


Promoters are masters of the spoken word. They use their performances to bolster allies, defame enemies, and excite crowds.

Opportunists look at every angle to find an opening to exploit. They’re always a step ahead of the competition, especially in business.