World’s Edge Arena

A woman battles a cybernetically enhanced wolf on the World's Edge Arena cover.World’s Edge Arena is the second setting sourcebook for Psi-punk. It takes players to the city of Punta Arenas, Chile, where a televised bloodsport is the dominant form of entertainment.

The Back of the Book

Old Meets New

In the southernmost city in the world, thousands of people come and brave the unforgiving weather to watch the World’s Edge Arena, a televised bloodsport for the modern era. Thanks to the Arena’s success, the once-quiet town of Punta Arenas is now an industrious boomtown where warriors compete for prize money, entrepreneurs compete for a share of the tourism, and locals compete for the scraps of what’s left.

Have you come seeking fame and fortune at the risk of finding an early grave, or are you an old-timer who wants to see the city returned to its old ways? Whether you’re here to compete or you’re just trying to eke out a living in this rapidly changing city, one thing’s for certain: your life will never be the same thanks to the World’s Edge Arena.

This book includes:

  • A detailed look at the city of Punta Arenas, Chile, in the year 2096. A look at its interesting places, people, night life, and other features which make the city a prime place to set a campaign.
  • Guidelines for running an Arena tournament using Psi-punk. Characters battle in ever-shifting terrain against all manner of beasts and warriors.
  • A new “Fan Favor” mechanic for players to earn bonuses by wooing crowds and earning fan loyalty.
  • New statblocks for over two dozen opponents, including psychically-controlled, cybernetically enhanced beasts such as kodiak bears and komodo dragons. Plenty of human opponents for use in any Psi-punk game.
  • Sample background hooks for new character archetypes such as the Beast Trainer, Controller, Promoter, Street Rat, and Security guard.
  • 6 new adventure seeds set in and around the city of Punta Arenas. Inspiration for Game Masters who’d like to craft non-combat encounters.

About the Book

World’s Edge Arena is a detailed setting book for the city of Punta Arenas. It includes details about the World’s Edge Arena, a TV show about modern gladiatorial combat, and the various districts within the city.

The 32 page book features three chapters.

  • The first introduces the World’s Edge Arena, its game mechanics, and an extensive bestiary of humans and beasts for players to encounter during their time as combatants.
  • The second details the city of Punta Arenas and its many districts, including Dome City, the Favellas, Puerto de Punta Arenas, and others. It also goes into detail about the city’s economy, demographics, and night life.
  • The final chapter includes hooks for both GMs and players to help everyone get invested in the setting. Players are presented with several new Archetypes–concepts for characters who would fit into the setting particularly well, including a brief background snippet and questions to get them thinking about their character’s past. The chapter finishes with six new adventure seeds for GMs to help them get a feel for the many facets of the setting.


Download the 12-page preview of World’s Edge Arena. See what the Arena is all about and get an idea for how the bestiary is designed.

Worlds Edge Arena Preview
Worlds Edge Arena Preview
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As promised in my interview with Dr. Tom the Frog, here’s the web supplement containing Dr. Tom’s character sheet. Stay tuned for an update to include an entire team of Junior Kaiju Club warriors.

Dr. Tom the Frog
Dr. Tom the Frog
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