Interviewed by Plus or Minus Podcast

Recently I was honored to be interviewed by Troy Truchon of the Plus or  Minus Podcast, the world’s first Fudge RPG-specific podcast. We talked about accessibility in the tabletop games industry, Psi-punk, Monster Kart Mayhem, and Fudge in general.

You can listen to the podcast via the embeded player below, but I would encourage you to visit Plus or Minus and check out their back catalog as well. This podcast receives the distinction of being the one and only podcast I have ever followed for more than five episodes in a stretch.

Visit the Plus or Minus website.

Listen to the interview

Modifier Podcast Episodes about Accessibility

I recently came upon the Modifier Podcast, part of the One Shot Podcast Network. To date, the podcast has featured two episodes about accessibility in gaming which everyone should check out.

Episode 1 is an interview with Elsa S. Henry, designer of Dead Scare and the upcoming Fate Accessibility Toolkit. If that name sounds familiar to you, it may be because you saw the Diversity+ panel I shared with her and others (or you may know her from any number of other reasons).

Episode 19 is an interview with two other podcasters, one of whom is blind. They talk a great deal about games, game aids, conventions, and various other accessibility topics.

So far I’m fond of everything I’ve listened to on this podcast and will definitely be following it in the future. Hats off to Meghan Dornbrock for a fantastic show.

The Dice Tower Podcast #303 Discusses Gaming with Hearing-Impaired

Thanks to a link from a Google+ user, I was tipped off about Episode #303 of The Dice Tower Podcast. About half way through the episode (around the 48-minute mark) Jude talks about his experiences gaming with hearing-impaired board game players.

He briefly discusses some differences between games that are more dependent upon social interaction and those with less social dependency, then talks about how he and his wife formed an ASL board game group. Finally, he ended the segment by making a simple point, a principle on which Accessible Games was founded: “…the result of a meaningful gaming experience is really something that is universally human, and that’s just having fun.”

I love this point because it illustrates just how universal board games are. No matter your ability level, having fun is the goal. And having fun with friends and family is what connects us.

It’s an interesting segment and …
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