Psi-punk Archetypes: Technomancer Preview

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The Psi-punk Archetypes line has been a fun way to detail different character concepts using the mechanics and fiction of Psi-punk. Each of the 3-4 page PDFs contains a first-person perspective introduction from someone who identifies with the chosen archetype, as well as a list of Skills, Gifts, Faults, and Gear they might use. Each of the sections delves a little into the why behind these choices, and in the case of Gifts, Faults, and Gear, the sections offer a few new examples you can use in your game.

If  you’ve read the Psi-punk core rulebook, you’ll know that archetypes have no mechanical meaning. Instead, they’re suggestions about how to add flavor to a character and can be a helpful way to describe your character’s niche. Let’s take a look at the Technomancer, which will be the next book to arrive as part of this line.


Technomancers such as myself are in high demand these days. Just about everyone has a computer to hack, a network to infiltrate, or a drone to control. I’m the first person you should call when you’re putting together a team of street runners, because my talents are versatile and irreplaceable.

My talents don’t come cheap, but you get what you pay for—who else can ghost into a network, unlock all a building’s secure doors, hijack their security systems, and make off with their robot guards without so much as setting foot into a building? Nobody, that’s who. The time and effort you save by hiring me will more than make up for my share of the loot.

Some people say technomancers make terrible companions, but we’re not all taciturn. Sure, we’ll probably spend more time monitoring the ‘Net or talking to drones than holding a conversation with the rest of the group, but look at it this way—you probably won’t have to worry about making small talk just to keep us occupied or on task. Give me a task, wait for a result. Input, output. No wasted time or energy.

Speaking of energy, I wouldn’t be a technomancer without the electrokinesis power. I manipulate electricity with my mind and control everything from computers to robots with a simple thought. Best of all, I’m still good in a firefight. Remember that old movie where the emperor fries some guy with  lightning bolts from his fingertips? I can do that, too. Now, don’t you think I’m worth twice my share?

Full Manuscript

Interested in seeing the rough draft of the completed manuscript? Download it here.

Technomancer Preview
Technomancer Preview
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