RPGGeek 2013 Adventure Contest Results

Contest Results

Accessible Games recently took part in the 2013 RPGGeek Adventure Design Contest. Voting has closed and the results have been tallied, so how did we do? I entered two games into the contest. One, a Fudge-compatible competitive racing game named “Monster Kart Mayhem” placed 5th overall out of 10 total entries. The other, a Savage Worlds One Sheet™ pulp adventure entitled “Dr. Upto Nogood’s Exploding Earth Extravaganza!” took a respectable 3rd place in the Best RPG Designed in 48 Hours category. There was  some stiff competition, especially from the likes of several Fiasco playsets, so I’m very pleased with the outcome. Continue reading for a synopsis of each of the games I entered and for download links to each.

Exploding Earth Extravaganza

Exploding Earth Extravaganza Title Bar

Dr. Upto Nogood’s Exploding Earth Extravaganza is a pulp adventure for the Savage Worlds system by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. From the adventure’s introduction:

Dr. Upto Nogood has devised something dire! Deep under the sea, he is drilling a hole into the Earth’s crust. He intends to drain the ocean, plug the hole, and wait for the immense build-up of steam to cause an explosion that will obliterate the planet! It is up to our intrepid heroes to stop him, but will they be able to battle their way past laser-shooting sharks and twisted octo-bots with enough time left over to put an end to his evil ways?

Exploding Earth Extravaganza was designed in under 48 hours and took 3rd place in its category.

Exploding Earth Extravaganza
Exploding Earth Extravaganza
Exploding Earth Extravaganza.zip
1.0 MiB

Monster Kart Mayhem

Monster Kart Mayhem Cover

Monster Kart Mayhem is a Fudge-compatible, GM-less, competitive RPG about monsters and kart racing. It takes inspiration from classic video games like Mario Kart and mixes in a bit of narrative RPG fun to create something that’s, well, kind of a strange mashup. From the game’s introduction:

Each year, thousands of monsters gather in Transylvania to witness the Monster Mash, a speed race and battle royal of monstrous proportions. Contestants race across 1,000 kilometers of the country’s harshest terrain and attempt to reach the finish line even as their opponents try to blast them off the road. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Monster Mash. Who will cross the finish line first? Who will even cross at all? Monster Kart Mayhem is a racing adventure for two or more monsters (the more the gruesomer). There are no Game Monsters to dictate the outcome; just you and your fellow ghoulish compatriots and a few dice to decide your fate.

I had a great time designing Monster Kart Mayhem and anticipate further development on this project in the future.

What Do You Think?

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