RPGGeek 48-Hour RPG Design Contest Voting Begins

Conservation of Ninjutsu Cover

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, folks!

I’ve been wracking my brain for something to give away for the holidays, but between moving, doing homework, and preparing for the upcoming new addition to my family, I’ve been pretty tapped for time. Somehow though, I managed to find 48 hours to enter the 2013 RPGGeek 48-Hour Design Contest, so as my gift to you I’ll share a link where you can download several great (and free) RPGs for your voting pleasure.

That’s right, you get to vote to decide which of these games deserves to win the contest. All it takes is a free RPGGeek account and a few hours of your time as you read and digest the entries.

Voting ends January 5th, so try to sneak away from the family for a few hours or use some of that holiday time off to get started!

My entry to this year’s contest is called “Conservation of Ninjutsu.” It’s a single-player dice/strategy game in which you get to play as an Evil Emperor and his ninja hordes facing off against the might of a lone hero. Can  you overcome the overwhelming odds and defeat him, or will he restore peace and harmony to the land?

Head on over to RPGGeek.com for full contest rules and a link to download all of the games.