Virtuacon 2013 Recap


Virtuacon 2013 is over, and it was a huge success. Roughly 375 people participated in RPGGeek’s first online game convention, and every single one of us had an amazing time.

Though we had some organizational hiccups, I consider them normal growing pains for any event this big. It isn’t clear whether or not RPGGeek will decide to do a Virtuacon2014 yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed because this really was the best 3 days in virtual gaming.

Day 1 – Friday, October 18th 2013

Virtuacon kicked off on Friday and hit the ground running. Though I didn’t make it to any of the games that ran, I did get a chance to watch the first speaking panel of the convention: Kickstarters and Publishing with Fred Hicks.

This was a great panel. If you’re at all interested …
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RPGGeek 2013 Adventure Contest Results

Contest Results

Accessible Games recently took part in the 2013 RPGGeek Adventure Design Contest. Voting has closed and the results have been tallied, so how did we do? I entered two games into the contest. One, a Fudge-compatible competitive racing game named “Monster Kart Mayhem” placed 5th overall out of 10 total entries. The other, a Savage Worlds One Sheet™ pulp adventure entitled “Dr. Upto Nogood’s Exploding Earth Extravaganza!” took a respectable 3rd place in the Best RPG Designed in 48 Hours category. There was  some stiff competition, especially from the likes of several Fiasco playsets, so I’m very pleased with the outcome. Continue reading for a synopsis of each of the games I entered and for download links to each.

Exploding Earth Extravaganza

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