After the Storm III Bundle Live on DTRPG

Last week I mentioned Psi-punk is available via the After the Storm II charity bundle on DTRPG. The first After the Storm bundle has been discontinued, but you can still get Psi-punk and the After the Storm II bundle for now.

The third After the Storm charity bundle is now live, and it contains a book called “OSR Cares.” Christopher Helton of the Dorkland! Blog put out a call for contributions to this PDF, and several (a dozen or so) authors, including me, responded. Within one week, we had an entire book filled with great OSR content, much of which is related to Philippine mythology and folklore.

I put together statistics for 10 legendary creatures using the Fantasy Fudge set of rules as laid out by Ann Dupuis, which are available at the Fudge Tiddlywiki.

The OSR Cares PDF also contains some spectacular Philippine-inspired art, stat blocks for many of the same creatures using the Sword and Wizardry OSR system, and much more.

You get all of that, plus a ton of other amazing PDFs, this time for only $20. Plus, all of the proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders, a great organization which needs funding to continue their aid in the Philippines. Just because news of the disaster has trickled to a stop, it doesn’t mean they need our help any less.

Get the After the Storm III Bundle from DTRPG.