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I recently finished the layout on the Survival of the Able beta. The content is almost identical to the First Draft I posted about previously, but this time it is in an easier-to-read, easier-to-navigate PDF.

Currently I am looking for beta readers and playtesters to give it a look and provide feedback. For anyone who can offer their time, I am offering:

  • Your name in the Special Thanks section of the final book
  • A complimentary PDF copy of the final book
  • $10 credit toward Accessible Games products on DTRPG if you read and provide feedback
  • $20 credit instead if you are able to playtest the game and provide feedback

I need to capture email addresses so I know who to send appropriate coupon codes to, so I’m not placing an open download link here. If you are interested in beta reading or playtesting the game, please use the form on the Contact Us page to send me an email and I’ll hook you up with the files.

In other news, I have enlisted artist Amy Ashbaugh to do a promo piece for the game. When I have that to show you, I’ll make sure to do a special update.

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