2016 Year in Review

If you Google “2016 sucks” you’ll see a lot of links to people talking about how deplorable this year was. One YouTube channel even summed up the entire year with this fake horror movie trailer, which is definitely worth a watch. 2016 wasn’t all doom and gloom though, and I’d like to end the year with a look back at some of the positive things that happened.

The Accessible Games Community Came to my Rescue

On March 13th, my house caught fire and I lost nearly everything. Then the blog went silent for two months straight despite the fact that I had just kicked off the RPG Blog Carnival for the month.

You might be thinking “Gee, that sure does suck. 2016 sucked!” Yes, the house fire was a terrible event in my life and another notch in 2016’s belt. But the Accessible Games community came back swinging and helped me …
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Divine Instruments, a Part-Time Gods Kickstarter now Live

Our friends at Third Eye Games have recently launched a new Kickstarter campaign for the first sourcebook to Part-Time Gods, called Divine Instruments. 

From the Kickstarter page:

Divine Instruments is the first sourcebook for the game line, expanding on some of the core themes and interesting ideas mentioned in the corebook. Specifically, this means expanded discussion and rules for:

  • Worshippers: Rules for a more intimate approach to worshippers and their effect on a god. Also, how to pick a Champion to fight for your dominion.
  • Territory: New info on how divine territory is collected, distributed and fought by in the daily struggle between gods for power.
  • Relics: New options for starting Relics, as well as rules for how to be a Relic Crafter yourself and expanded rules on relics that house the souls of the old gods.

In addition to the expanded rules, there will also be new Outsiders (mythological creatures bent …
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Camp Myth: the RPG Review

Camp Myth Cover Art

Game Info

Publisher: Third Eye Games

Writing: Chris Lewis Carter and Eloy Lasanta

Layout: Eloy Lasanta

Cover Art: Tey Bartolome

Interior Art: Melissa Gay, Jay CamayTherese Sevidal

Year Published: 2013

Pages: 110


I mentioned in my review of Mermaid Adventures that this game was successfully funded on Kickstarter and would be out some time in 2013, and here it is.

Camp Myth: the RPG is the latest by Third Eye Games and follows Mermaid Adventures as another kid-friendly game using 3EG’s Pip System. In a world created by author Chris Lewis Carter, players get to take on the …
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Mermaid Adventures Review

Mermaid Adventures Cover Art

Game Info

Publisher: Third Eye Games

Writing and Layout: Eloy Lasanta

Interior and Exterior Art: Melissa Gay

Year Published: 2012

Pages: 102


It isn’t every day an RPG meant for kids is released, but if you’re one of the many people who are bringing up a new generation of gamer at your home then you may want to keep at least one of your eyes on Third Eye Games. Mermaid Adventures is the first of two kid-friendly RPGs by this impressive small press publisher (the other game being Camp Myth, …
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