Web Links

There are a lot of great websites related to board games and RPGs. Here are some of our favorites.

Board Games

  • Board Game Geek – the world’s most in-depth database of board games. Also has a great community.
  • Puzumi – Multiple-solution puzzles with a strategy game twist.
  • Boards and Bits – a great retail store with spectacular prices
  • Dice Tower – one of the most prolific board game blogs and review sites

Role-Playing Games

  • RPG Geek – Board Game Geek’s sister site, also with a great game database and community
  • Roleplayers Chronicle – news site about the RPG industry
  • Third Eye Games – publisher of API, Part-Time Gods, Mermaid Adventures, and others
  • Broken Ruler Games – publishers of Killshot
  • Shadow Fusion Books – Publishers of A.C.: After Collapse, as well as several novels which often feature disabled protagonists Shadow Fusion Books Badge
  • EN World – one of the oldest and largest RPG communities on the Internet. Also home to the ENnie Awards.

General Gaming/Geekery