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Throughout the ages, there have existed secret societies that have dedicated themselves to the fine art of thievery. These organizations, commonly known as “thieves guilds,” have existed to unite an underground of criminals whose life’s work involves the pilfering of other peoples’ life’s works.

In Colors of Grey, you will be a member of one such secret society, known as the Chameleons – so called for their ability to adapt to any situation. Chameleons consider themselves connoisseurs of fine art and specialize in the theft of rare statues, paintings, drawings, and other such works.

The Chameleon guild has existed for centuries, and being invited to become a Chameleon is an honor extended only to those thieves who are exemplary and exhibit mastery of their craft.

Will you live up to the name, or will you bring disgrace by failing to blend in?

About Colors of Grey

Colors of Grey is an RPG of heists and espionage. Originally designed for the 48 Hour RPG Contest in 2011, it was designed from concept to completion in less than two days. Since then we have added some art and designed the book for better viewing on both screens and paper.

In Colors of Grey you will play a Chameleon, a member of an elite thieves guild which has existed for centuries. Your Boss will send you on missions to steal valuable artifacts, relics, and other rare goods for the benefit of your bank account.

Colors of Grey is a rules-light RPG using a unique system based on two ten-sided dice. The game is built specifically for telling stories of heists and espionage and doesn’t get weighed down by mechanics which don’t serve that purpose.

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