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Accessible Gaming Quarterly is a zine devoted to accessibility and disability within the tabletop RPG space. Each issue features articles and art by disabled contributors, but the zine isn’t only for people with disabilities. It’s full of articles designed to bring together disabled and non-disabled gamers alike.

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Issue 1 (July 2020)

This inaugueral issue of the zine is dedicated to all players of TTRPGs. It features several articles, a game review, and a stunning illustration of a blind orc sorceress.

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Issue 2

Issue 2 of the world’s first accessibility-focused RPG zine is dedicated to Game Masters from all walks of life. Inside, you’ll find advice for GMs who facilitate play for people with disabilities, essays from neurodiverse gamers, and an interview with a designer of digital LARPs.

Issue 3

The third issue focuses on game design. Articles include specific, practical advice and tutorials about how to properly lay out a book, reflections from people with disabilities who design games, and insight into how certain disabilities impact a person’s ability to consume gaming material.

Issue 4

In Issue 4, Accessibility Tools, we cover a range of topics including: online gaming, using Excel as an accessibility tool, imagining accessibility aids for your imaginary characters, web accessibility, and more.


AGQ Year 1 Anthology

We put together an anthology of all four issues from AGQ Year 1. You can get them in a single tome for a discounted price. The print version costs 3/4ths of what it would cost to buy each issue individually.

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Issue 5

In Issue 5  we answer reader questions, delve deeper into why accessibility matters, offer some DIY advice, and present two character snapshots. We round out the issue with some ideas for adding unique pirate-themed prosthetics to your games.

Issue 6

In Issue 6 we answer more questions, provide tips on delivering scripted text using a screen reader, describe how games can improve our humanity, offer some fantasy-themed accessibility tools and spells, highlight two character snapshots, and discuss how one game designer is implementing sign language in his game.

Issue 7

In Issue 7 our Q&A column continues. We also explain how to use Microsoft Excel to track initiative, highlight several unique characters, discuss imposter syndrome, and admit past mistakes while offering suggestions for the future.

Issue 8

Issue 8 rounds out Year 2 with more Q&A, essays, and creative material. We discuss how to use Legos for battle maps, how to learn from your mistakes, and why simply simulating disabilities in a game just doesn’t go far enough. We also discuss how faith and gaming can overlap in a positive way and spotlight some creative new character designs.

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Thanks to 161 Kickstarter backers, we raised more than enough money to fund an entire year (four issues) of this zine.  We couldn’t have made this happen without all their generous support.

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