Everyday Archetypes

Front cover of Everyday ArchetypesSometimes, Heroes are Everyday People

You don’t always have to be a dashing swashbuckler, daring spy, or super-powered soldier to save the day. Most of the time, heroes are ordinary folks who find it in themselves to rise the occasion when the occasion calls for it.

Whether you’re an entertainer putting a smile on someone’s face, a gearhead who fixes someone’s rundown hunk of junk, or a teacher who enlightens future generations, you have the power to make a difference in the world… even if the world is being overrun by zombies or mind-bending creatures from another dimension.

Everyday Archetypes gives you ten new archetypes for use in any Pip System game, especially those set in modern times. They’re perfect for when you want to take some of the super powers out of your setting without sacrificing any of the fun.

These archetypes include:

  • Athlete
  • Comedian
  • Dancer
  • Gearhead
  • Geek
  • Journalist
  • Leader
  • Rescue Worker
  • Scientist
  • Teacher

Spice up your games with a bit of the mundane. Get your copy today.