Puppy Posse

Puppy Posse CoverWho do you call when…

  • A shipment of sharks spills into a pond in the park?
  • Mayor Gooseberry’s prized goose gets stuck in a tree and can’t get down?
  • Captain Tipper’s ship gets lost in the fog?

You call the Puppy Posse!

Who are the Puppy Posse?

The Puppy Posse are a cadre of canine companions who solve problems and save days. Along with their leaderSarj, the sextet of heroic hounds are always ready to lend a paw when things get ruff. Err… when things get rough.

Meet the Posse

Rocco: An English bulldog whose love for helping is rivaled only by his love of tea and doggy biscuits. Rocco drives a recycling truck which is always filled with useful junk.

Marsha: Everyone’s favorite firedog, Marsha is a dalmation with a do-good attitude. She drives a firetruck and knows a thing or two about first aid.

Pebbles: When you need a bulldozer, bucket truck, or other construction vehicle, you can count on Pebbles. She’s a tough Boston terrier with a cool attitude.

Dep:   This German shepard is everyone’s favorite police dog. He’s always willing to help, and he comes with a backpack full of useful tricks.

Flya: Most basset hounds keep their noses to the ground, but Flya prefers to be skybound. She flies helicopters, hanggliders, hovercrafts, and hot air balloons. Best of all, she can use her long ears as parachutes in a pinch.

Zippy: A chowchow with a taste for puppy chow, Zippy always seems to be hungry for food and adventure. Zippy drives a racecar that can transform into a hydroplane when necessary.

What is this game?

Designed specifically for pre-school aged children, Puppy Posse helps you introduce your youngsters to important role-playing concepts. It uses a familiar setting which mimics a popular kid’s television show, so your youngsters can get right into the land of make believe without any set-up or background explanation.

This family-friendly game is designed to teach young children the most basic RPG concepts: rolling dice, interpreting results, and using those results to help tell a shared story. Simple game mechanics are focused precisely for that purpose and won’t confuse youngsters with anything else.

Puppy Posse uses Fudge Dice, which are available from most hobby game stores or on the Internet.

Now available as a Pay-What-You-Want PDF. Get your kids involved with gaming at the earliest possible age by playing a game of Make Believe with dice.

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