Prehysterical, a Cavepeople RPG

A caveperson family - two parents & a young child - stand on top of a large rock marked with cave paintings while two large dinosaurs smile behind them.It’s a beautiful day.

The giant ball of fire is burning brightly in the sky, causing everything to be more colorful than when the shiny silver disc is in the sky.

The children are playing a game of caveboys and thunder lizards, which should help prepare them for the days ahead when they have to run away from the things that want to eat them.

The cavewomen are preparing to cook dinner, but wondering why their incompetent husbands haven’t brought anything back for them yet.

…and the cavemen are running in terror from a giant, toothy dinosaur whose meal they just stole.

Yes, everything is as should be. This is the life.


Prehysterical is a game about cavepeople and the lives they lead.

In this Pip Worlds sourcebook, you’ll find the rules you need to play as cavepeople during the time of the thunder lizards. You’ll need the Pip System Corebook to get started, but this product includes additional rules to play as cavepeople, including:

  • New caveperson archetypes, including the Clubber, Fast Feet, Hunk, Inventive Caveperson, and Sparkle Fingers.
  • A new system of Cave Magic.
  • Evolutions (Advanced Qualities) to improve your lot in life.
  • Things That Generally Want to Eat You—statistics for dinosaurs and other things that want to shorten your life expectancy.
  • Advice for Game Guides on how to run games set in prehysteric times.


This isn’t a game of heroics because heroes haven’t been invented yet. Instead, you’ll play a game of hysterics as you lead your cavepeople through the challenges of everyday life in the stone age.


Ready for some of the most fun you’ll have while playing incompetent nincompoops? Get your copy today at DTRPG.