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Conjurer's Codex

We’re happy to announce that the newest product in our Alliterative Amusements line is now available at Shop

Conjurer’s Codex adds 10 new conjuration spells and one new wizard sub-school to your Pathfinder games. You can get it along with our other Alliterative Amusements products at Shop

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About Conjurer’s Codex

Conjuration is a versatile school of magic with myriad applications. In the Conjurer’s Codex, we present 10 new conjuration spells, one for each spell level 0 through 9. The new spells include:

  • Summon Spectacles
  • Rope Bridge
  • Filch
  • Conjure Siege Engine
  • Camella’s Unseen Anchor
  • Filch, Greater
  • Radiant Wall
  • Confounding Conjuration
  • Ice Prison
  • Calamity

In addition to these new spells, we present a new wizard subschool: the dimensional thief. Dimensional thieves use teleportation magic to get what … Continue reading

Alliterative Amusements: Diviner’s Dissertation Now on Sale

Alliterative Amusements: Diviner’s Dissertation, the second in our line of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible products, is now available from Shop and OneBookShelf.

Diviner’s Dissertation adds 10 divination spells to your repertoire, including spells focused around the new Time sub-school of divination magic. Time spells don’t alter time the way transumation spells do, but instead give the diviner the power to see glimpses of the future and react to them accordingly.

New spells include:

  • Spurgeon’s Skillful Step
  • Spurgeon’s Speedy Spellcasting
  • Borrow Vitality
  • Karra’s Miraculous Reclamation
  • Claire’s Social Insights
  • Claire’s Audience
  • Aletta’s False Divination
  • Time Twist
  • Wishing Well
  • Soul Mirror

In addition to these new spells, we present a new wizard subschool: the revealer. A revealer knows the power of drudging up the past or offering glimpses of the future, and they use their abilities to good effect. By sharing their visions with others, they can change the flow of … Continue reading